Petrucco in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia


Petrucco is a winegrower in Buttrio, on the border of the Colli del Friuli and Collio Orientali Goriziano. Petrucco wines, all monovarietals, are the clear expression of the land and come out of the ever evolving relationship between ancient knowledge and modern technology.
After a manual grape-picking, very attentive to a perfect grape maturation, the bunches are carefully handled in order to fully preserve their integrity up to the pressing, which is  followed by a temperature-controlled fermentation.
White wines refine on the lees in stainless steel tanks for about 6 months, red wines are left to age in wood for about 12 months, with a further refining period in the bottle.
 Ronco del Balbo Reserves have a 24 to 36 months aging in barrique.
 Picolit DOCG  is obtained by overripe grapes, which are left to dry up naturally for about 30-40 days. After fermentation, the DOCG wine has a 12 months aging in small oak barrels.
The Petrucco winery is the result of Lina and Paolo Petrucco’s love for their land: we are in the heart of the D.O.C. area Colli Orientali of Friuli (Eastern Hills Of Friuli), in the town of Buttrio in Monte, Udine (Italy).


The Colli Orientali of Friuli are sunny and gentle slopes, ideal for viticulture, that has been practiced in this area since ancient times. The soil is of Eocene origin, basically made up of stratified clay and calcareous marls. This peculiar soil, locally called ponca, is particularly suitable for vine-growing, because it is very rich of mineral salts and microelements.
The estate spreads over a total area of 35 hectares with vineyards covering 25 hectares. Because of the focus on high quality the average annual production consists of about 100,000 bottles for all wines red and white, as a result of an intentionally low yield.




Petrucco_friulano_1Friulano – “Colli Orientali del Friuli” – 2015

The indigenous grape Friulano from Weingut Petrucco grows in good locations above Buttrio. The grapes are handpicked, the grape juice remains for long seven months on the lees. The result is a dry, full-bodied, straw yellow wine. The mineral and spicy note makes the Friulano an excellent companion of soups, sausage dishes, but also excellent as an aperitif.

GRAPE: Friulano 100%
Buttrio, Monte
ALTITUDE: 180m above sea level
TERRIOR: Eocene hills with land typically marl
YIELD: 60 hl
Stainless steel tank – 6 months
MATURITY: 2016 – 2020
FOOD: Soups, seafood, white meat, salami. Excellent with Prosciutto.

Download “Colli Orientali” 2015 Specification PDF