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Every vintner aspires to individualism in perfect harmony with Mother Nature’s gift to him, that is to say the lands and vines he tends so lovingly. At Corte Adami these natural assets afford the pleasure of a privilege to which few have access.
For generations the Adami family has literally cultivated its passion for the fruits it harvests annually, for the lands it tends with loving care and for the good things in life which, as such, are precious.
The company’s wines embody this passion for all things good, which are unquestionably cherished elements on this family estate.
The family, although an old one with traditional values, is also visionary.
This is why in 2004 Angelo and Andrea decided to start making their own wine, in addition to being wine grape suppliers, with the same aim as before: that of producing superior wines.
True, genuine wines, the perfect communion of the winemaker’s skill, the hidden treasure yielded by the land and the immense wealth of knowledge of the local grapevines converge into a harmonious whole that is a faithful representation of the expressive potential of the Soave and Valpolicella wine production areas.
A crystal-clear photograph. A sober, sincere, attentive photographer. An experience to be savoured.

Grappolo_Garganega_230907THE PRESENT

Only part of the grapes grown on the company’s thirty-six hectares is used for vinification.
The reason for this is a simple one which stems from the desire to achieve excellence without any nagging doubts over production or making concessions merely for commercial purposes.
This is what allows the proprietors of Corte Adami to focus their efforts each time on their preset objectives.
The use of increasingly natural, low-invasive methods, short pruning, cluster thinning and constant attention to and promotion of the autochthonous grape varieties on the estates are fast yielding gratifying results and earning the company prestige.
All this gives rise to local wines, unaffected by modern influences and market logistics, individualistic wines closely associated with the grapes of origin and wines with ageing potential, in the sound knowledge that the drinking of wine not only satisfies a hedonistic urge, but also addresses a real need.
Floweriness, minerality and olfactive and palatal intensity share the incredible ability to instill a desire to taste the wine again.
In this simple way the wine not only gratifies the senses, but also becomes a veritable ambassador of conviviality.


A generous land, rich rolling hills perched on volcanic or morainic or clayey subsoil.
A district that is certainly one of the most important wine region regarding the fact that it was considered as the first production area of Veneto, delimited in 1931 and approved by Royal Decree in 1936, the first Venetian D.O.C. area  (1968 ) and also the ever first  D.O.C.G. area in Veneto (with Recioto, 1998).
The area is relatively small, it comes to just over 10,000 hectares in total. The vineyards enrolled as Soave Classico and Soave D.O.C. are almost 6900 hectares, with a presence of over 3,000 wineries, making it one of the areas with the highest density of wine production  in the world.
Corte Adami owns a beautiful vineyard, a unique lot, laying in one  of the historical cru area: Castelcerino.
Here the birth place of one basic Soave, rich  of infinite smoothness, and one reserve – the Vigna della Corte – where the use of only steel and the maceration determine extreme elegance and surprising freshness buds.

Soave-Corte-AdamiSOAVE – D.O.C. – 2015

Vineyard: of property, located in the historic cru ‘Castelcerino’, at an altitude of 350 mts.
Average vine age: 35 years
Density: 3,000 vines per hectare
Orientation: facing southeast
Soil: features substrate of volcanic origin on tufa concretions
Grape blend: Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave
Production: 10 tonnes per hectare
Fermentation: After the throngs-crushing, grapes are pressed softly in an oxygen reduction and then destined to a cold maceration (about 14 degrees) for a night. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The new wine stays in contact with its yeast lees for almost two months. After that date, it is bottled and refined for one month in the bottle, before being sold.

Analytical data:

Alcoholic degree: 12.50% Vol.
Residual sugar: 5.20 gr/l
Total acidity: 6.50 gr/l
Description and characteristics: The essence of Garganega. This is a Soave in which the typical notes of the grape (in the nose and on the palate), acquire a modern style without distorting their territorial origin. A simple wine, very drinkable and pleasant that can never get tired. Example of Soave territory, in which the typical scents of the Garganega grape (white flowers, white fruits and citrus all) are combined with the minerality of the area and its infinite nuances. It shows a beautiful yellow color with some greenish note while its intensity and fragrance remind to the olfactory scents described above. On the palate it is full and complex, elegant and fresh, as well as aromatic, with a respectable final result. Eclectic and versatile wine in terms of combinations: it prefers preparations in which the character of a “greasy” plate merges with the high acidity of the product, balancing the taste in a perfect harmony. Furthermore, this wine combines well with classic fried rolls, scallops and soft cheeses from strong flavour of milk. Do not miss to taste it alone and at a very fresh temperature of service, during warm and sunny summer afternoons.

Download Corte Adami Soave 2015 Specification PDF


Soave-vigna-della-corteSOAVE – D.O.C. “Vigna della Corte” – 2015

Vineyard: our own, located in Soave in the historic cru of Castelcerino 350 metres above sea level
Average vine age: 40 years
Density: 2,500 vines per hectare
Orientation: facing southeast
Soil: substrata of volcanic origin, lying on tufaceous components
Grape blend: 100% Garganega late harvested. The entire vinification process takes place in steel containers
Production: 8 tonnes per hectare
Fermentation: after a late harvest, in general at the end of October, the grapes will be pressed very softly, remaining in the peels for approx. 10-12 hours. It follows the fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of approx. 13 °C. The must remains in contact with the yeasts for 30/35 days and the new wine for further two months. Once bottled, the wine is refined for 5-6 months before being sold.

Analytical data:

Alcoholic degree: 13.00% Vol.
Residual sugar: 4.00 gr/l
Total acidity: 6,80 gr/l
Description and characteristics: this is a very special Soave. The use of only steel and a punitive selection in the vineyard permit to obtain an extraordinary CRU of high quality with an incredible relation of quality and value. A “Riserva” of emotions and Finesse. Intense straw yellow colour with gold reflections. Wide and rich in the nose with scents of tropical fruit and dried flowers. Very elegant with good structure on the palate. Long persistance. This wine combines well with aromatic dishes like traditional italian soups, pasta with poultry ragout, fish dishes with sauces, dishes with white meat and medium ripened cheese.

Download Corte Adami Soave “Vigna Della Corte” 2015 Specification PDF