Le Cantorie


The production of Le Cantorìe is currently of about 60,000 bottles a year, achieved solely with the grapes coming from the vineyards of the farm and obtained with a care and a passion for the Vineyard dating long back in the past and which unavoidably lead to Luigi Bontempi, since a child being nicknamed “Balenc”, whose love for the earth has inspired the birth of this new wine growing and producing reality.
The range of wines produced by Le Cantorìe includes four types of sparkling Franciacorta DOCG: the  Brut, the Brut Millesimato, the Satèn and the Rosè obtained with the method of natural fermentation in bottle, typical of the Chardonnay, and Pinot black wine vineyards; two Terre di Franciacorta Doc: thehome1 Curtefranca white wine and the Curtefranca red wine; and two soloist red wines: the “Rossogiulia” Cellatica Superiore doc and the “Balenc” IGT Sebino, obtained by Barbera, Marzemino, Incrocio terzi and Schiava Gentile grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, wisely refined in small oak tree barrels.
The wines of Le Cantorìe must be savoured and sweetly listened to: for their history, their ability to tell it and the vibrating sensations that they can transmit from the palate to the memory.


Elisabetta Bontempi — Winemaker


The wine growing and producing farm Le Cantorìe is one of the most inaccessible wineries in Franciacorta, lying on the rocks at the end of a breath taking steep slope on the hill of Casaglio, in the territory of Gussago.

Le Cantorìe owes its name to the dialect appellation of the hill where it rises. The term “le canturie” comes from an old local belief: the village elders believe that this term has been given to this hill because of the chirping of the cicadas.
The peculiar morphology of this hill, its strategic position at the back of the village and the good climatic conditions – always exposed to the light of the sun and the moon – lead the cicadas to sing in unison the vintage time not only during the day but also in the night.

Le Cantorìe’s vineyards are located in the east border of Franciacorta, a valley with a specific structure, with terracing that seem to be outlined, which stand up steep on the hills and the dry white calcareous stone walls, linked together in a harmonious frame, giving a thrilling view.

home3The peculiar features of the morainic area, the richness of the subsoil and the particularly favorable environment conditions, as well as the deep knowledge and experience matured by the people of this place in the respect of the ancient farm tradition, are the elements determining the unique nature of the grapes obtained from the vineyard cultivated on these hills and the high quality of the produced wines; through the taste and the perfumes these wines tell the history of the territory itself.



Le-cantorie-satenFRANCIACORTA DOCG SATÈN “ARMONIA” – 750ml

Sparkling wine obtained with classic method with sole Chardonnay grapes, maturated and refined on their own yeasts in bottle for at least 30 months. Its intense and fruity scent and its full and gentle taste will surely be loved by the most exigent connoisseurs. The particular cultivation allows to get a very fine and creamy foam, able to accompany the harmonious notes enveloping the palate: “emotions of taste” obtained thanks to a masterly wine making which provides a great part of the basic wine refined in small oak tree barrels. Suitable as an appetizer and for matching with the whole meal.

GRAPES: Chardonnay 100%
GRAPES PROVENANCE: Gussago Province of Brescia
ALTITUDE OF VINEYARD: Hill, 250-300 asl
TYPE OF SOIL: Calcareous – Argillaceous
PLANT SYSTEM: Guyou, Spurred rope
GRAPE HARVEST: Second half of August with meticulous selection of the bunch before squeezing.
AVERAGE YIELD FOR HA: 70 ql/ha; 46 hl/ha
WINE MAKING: The must is obtained by light pressing of the grapes and is subsequently cooled into steel thermal conditioned tank where the first alcoholic fermentation takes place, controlled at low temperatures (15-16 °C) as to enhance the perfumes and the delicacy of the wine. The “cuvée” of Le Cantorie is obtained by a meticulous mixing of wine preserved both in steel tanks and oak tree barrels for a maximum of 8 months.
PRODUCTION: 25,000 bottles

Download “Armonia” Specification PDF



Obtained from Pinot Noir grapes, grown at the top of Gussago’s hill “La Cudola” 300 meters high, is the Rosé “ROSI DELLE MARGHERITE”; this classic method is named after the maternal grandmother “Rosi” who left a strong mark in Bontempi’s family. Thanks to the good geographic position, the grapes are harvested in the first half of August; after the wine-making, the must will stay in contact with its skins for 1 day and will acquire an auburn old rose color. After 8 months from the grape harvest, the wine is bottled together with selected yeasts and left in refinement for 24 months. A wine with a good structure and a strong taste given by the single Pinot Black grapes; it has a intense and tempting perfume of little red fruits that perfectly match with meat and fish dishes, especially shellfishes.
Keep it out of the light and serve at 8-10°C.

GRAPES: Pinot Noir 100%
GRAPES PROVENANCE: Gussago Province of Brescia
TYPE AREA: Hill, 250-300 asl
TYPE OF SOIL: Calcareous-Argillaceous
PLANT SYSTEM: Spurred rope
GRAPE HARVEST: Second half of August, with meticulous selection of the bunch before squeezing. The grapes is harvested by hand and put in little box of 17 kg each ready to be taken to the wine cellar.
AVERAGE YIELD FOR Ha: 70 ql/ha; 46 hl/ha
WINE MAKING:  The must obtained is then left in contact with its skins for 1 day in order to take out the rose color. After 8 months from grape harvest the wine is bottled together with selected yeasts and left in refinement for 24 months. Afterwards is the moment of the remouage, the disgórgement and the packaging.
PERMANENCE ON YEASTS: For a minimum of 24 months before pour off.
PRODUCTION: 3,500 bottles

Download “Rosi della Margharite” Specification PDF


Le-cantorie-balencIGT SEBINO “BALENC” – RED BLEND – 2011 – 750ml

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon e Cabernet Franc: Balenc is “par excellence” the superb Lord of Le Cantorìe. Very well defined structure and body can be recognized by the refinement in little oak tree barrels for a maximum of 24 months. Alone, a triumph of fragrances, ethereal perfumed, with smell of red fruits like cherry, blackberry and again plum; the whole flavored by an incredibly long lasting persistence. Just to give you only a vague idea of what you can find in your glass, it is a wine that, once savored, must be listened to: vibrating notes always imperfect harmony for the theater of your palate. Perfect for important and dense dishes. Before savoring it, leave it decanting for at least one hour.
Serve at 18°C

GRAPES: Merlot 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Cabernet Franc 10%
GRAPES PROVENANCE: Gussago, Province of Brescia
TYPE OF AREA: Hill, 250 – 300 asl
TYPE OF SOIL: Calcareous – Argillaceous
PLANT SYSTEM: Guyot, spurred rope
GRAPE HARVEST: Merlot: third week of September – Cabernets: last week of October, always with meticulous selection of the bunch before squeezing.
AVERAGE YIELD FOR HA: 60 ql/ha; 40 hl/ha
WINE MAKING: The first cultivation occurs in thermal-conditioned. The alcoholic fermentation has a total duration of 2-3 weeks, included the maceration in contact with the skins. The general mass is refined in little oak tree barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place. The total stay in the barriques is of maximum 24 months.
BOTTLING: March 2010
REFINEMENT IN BOTTLE: For a minimum of 1 year
PRODUCTION: 5,000 bottle

Download “Balenc” 2011 Specification PDF